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Trust police, DIS over DCEC- Ngakaagae

FILE PIC: Ngakaagae with his clients

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is yet to surrender the assets they confiscated from Bakang Seretse in the ongoing National Petroleum Fund (NPF) saga, if what his lawyer, Kgosietsile Ngakaagae, is anything to go by.

Following last week’s ruling by a Lobatse High Court in which Justice Jennifer Dube ruled in favour of Seretse and his co-accused, ordering for the return of property confiscated from December 2017 to date, Ngakaagae has issued a public statement accusing the DCEC of incompetence.

“It is true that on the 23rd August 2010, our client were granted relief by the high court, per Dube J, whereof certain properties were to be released to them by the aforesaid entity. Such properties had been seized from clients without a warrant, instead of placing the same properties before a judicial officer for the validation of the seizure,” reads part of the public statement which heavily ridicules the widespread insinuation that the DCEC has honoured the court order.

In the statement Ngakaagae further makes damning accusations against the DCEC calling the institution ‘liers’ and ‘corrupt’.

“The DCEC’s calls for patience are misplaced and are as corrupt as they are fraudulent. The public is encouraged to disregard same and to press for answers as to why after nine months, the high and mighty who command, in writing, the acts of our clients, are not before the courts whilst ours are being dragged before the same almost daily and spend most of their time in DCEC interview rooms,” reads the statement.

The lawyer further argues that the DCEC as such has no moral authority to lecture anyone on corruption. “The agency is corrupt to the core, they must concentrate on theor facto mandate of prosecuting police constables and sergeants for misappropriating speed files and accepting menial bribes as opposed to taking cheap shots at our clients”.

Ngakaagae further says in the document that he found it important to bring ‘the above fact to light in order that the public may not be fooled by the lies and pretences of the DCEC, the attorney general’s chambers and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP)’.

The statement concluded that “whilst it is proper to say the public should report corruption cases to the DCEC the public is advised to exercise caution and where possible, to trust the Botswana Police and the new DIS with information. The DCEC is nothing but a black hole into which corrupt cases concerning politicians and elite go never to be seen or heard of again.”