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Trace tv courts locals

Trace tv courts locals
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The local audio visual scene and exposure is set to reach dizzying heights thanks to a local company’s collaboration with international partners including popular music channel, Trace.

Cc Think, the brainchild of Cassim Kowa, has signed an agreement with Trace TV to use the company’s platforms to, among others, market Botswana tourism, find ways of promoting Botswana music and create a Trace branded event.

Cc Think has also partnered with Skyrink Studios, a South African Tv, film, advertising company for the production of tourism, culture, sports and music events.

In an interview with The Voice Kowa said they are in a strategic position to change the landscape of music and arts in Botswana through their partnership with Trace and Skyrink Studios.

“We are looking beyond music. We want to be a part of any Trace TV activities ideas like summits and awards to ensure that at the end of the day we are able to see money being ploughed back into the country,” Kowa said.

He said through the help of Skyrink they’d be able to meet local artists halfway to help them create audio visuals of the standard required by Trace.

Cc Think will also work with Botswana Innovation Hub to create a platform for film and Tv production content and related solutions and technologies.

In another strategic move, Gilbert Promotions has been accredited to scout for music content to be aggregated for Trace channels.

Gilbert Promotions Director Gilbert Seagile said he intends to use this opportunity to take local music to the rest of the world the same way Nigeria did through Channel O.

“We need a catalogue of at least 50 videos. We have to take this opportunity because Trace reaches 143 countries,” he said.

“If Nigeria can dominate Southern Africa, why cant we dominate Uganda, Dubai or Switzerland? ” asked PP rhetorically.

The popular promoter said the deal also presents an opportunity for Botswana to promote her tourism.

“I’d advise government to jump on this product. Our artists need funding to produce videos to meet the quality needed by Trace,” he said.

“The Ministry of Tourism can for instance sponsor Jojo’s video shoot at the Delta. This video will be played on both Trace Africa and Urban in countries like Switzerland and Dubai,” he said.

PP said he’ll ensure local music is played on Trace since his role is not just limited to scouting for content.

“I don’t just submit videos. My role also includes slotting of videos and I have learnt a lot in the way the Nigerians slotted their music before they took over the rest of Africa,” said the Trace accredited agent.