If 2011 taught us one thing it was that the way to effect dramatic change is not through corporate movements or through the ever slowing bureaucratic system.

It was by direct action by the masses.

Here in Botswana the bureaucracy is failing we the residence of this country when it comes to controlling crime. They are simply not doing all they can to combat the crime problem that seems to get worse with each passing week.

Let us not go too far – by in large the government of Botswana does a good job at serving the residence of the country. There are no parallels to be drawn between our situation and those who battle so bravely in the countries effected by the Arab Spring last year.

Let us be very realistic – we in Botswana have the luck of being a lot better of the most African countries. However, on this issue of crime we are being failed – and a massive rise in crime, like we are seeing is a seed that could grow many more troubles for the country.

A rise in crime could have a devastating economic effect on a country whose economy is already in a state of flux. Last year saw several people and families saying that they had enough and moved elsewhere with each of them going with the jobs they were giving others and the money that they were meant to pour into the local economy.

Time has come for those who are charged with serving and protecting us and those we have elected to serve our communities to be held responsible. Why is crime rising? What are they doing about it? Why isn’t it working? Why are they allowing Botswana to be taken down this road?

Why is it that there are not enough police vehicles (ie – why do victims of crime have to drive to go fetch the police?). Why is it that police stations have no one way glass in the indentification rooms as the current set-up puts the people already victims at risk yet again. Why do we not see police patrolling every single neighborhood accompanied by armed BFD officers every single night?

There are lots of questions. We need to start demanding answers.

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