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Threat to kill charge tames abusive husband



An Indian man who had turned his wife into a punching bag was this week taught the hard way to show some respect for women.

Mochudi businessman, Asif Mirza, was arrested and detained for threatening to kill his wife on February 29th.

41- year old Mirza had allegedly uttered the threats after he had brutally battered his wife during a fight sparked by an argument.

On Wednesday the macho man however stood in court shaking in his boots while he pleaded with the magistrate to grant him bail.

Details of the charge sheet were that Mirza descended on his 40- year- old wife with fists until her face turned blue and black and her eyes were swollen shut.

She was allegedly rescued from the crazed attack by police officers that attended to the domestic fight call.

Promising never to lay his hands on his wife again, the humbled man said, “I did not commit the offence of assaulting my wife on purpose, I promise the court that I’ll never lay a hand on her ever again.”

State prosecutor, Sergeant Bohetile said the suspect was a first offender, and therefore there would be nothing wrong with the court granting him bail.

Although she chose to forge ahead with the charges against her spouse, the wounded woman literally offered a shoulder for her distraught husband to lean on as they walked out of court.