Thokolosi terror
HOLY WAR: Eloyi congrigation

Villagers relieved as Eloyi church exorcises mythical creature

A mixture of joy and relief swept through Borotsi village in the Tswapong area last weekend as members of the Eloyi Church joined residents in an action packed hunt for a creature believed to be a ‘Thokolosi’.

Amid dramatic scenes reminiscent of a supernatural movie, church members invaded the sleepy village dressed in a combination of white and multi-coloured robes, determined to exorcise the ‘evil creature’ that had allegedly tormented villagers for over a decade.

After being welcomed by village elders at the Kgotla, the church members broke into prayer and hymns, ahead of the exorcism ritual.

With a renewed air of relief, enthusiastic residents looked on as church leaders led the congregation to an old shop building in the hunt for the ‘troublesome’ creature.

After applying a white powdered substance to their hands, as well as pouring copious amounts onto the ground, six of the Eloyi representatives fearlessly entered the dilapidated building.

Thokolosi terror

They emerged moments later in possession of a lifeless, half-naked, furry creature.

The strange looking ‘zombie’ was clutching a tiny axe in its left hand and was wearing a ZCC badge hidden by its greyish fur, as well as long black oversized socks.

The Thokolosi had red and white beads on the waist and a bald head.

While some of the alleged victims were too fearful of reprisals to talk about their ordeal, others talked exclusively to The Voice about their torment at the hands of the alleged hairy sex dwarf.

Julia Boredile, 20, revealed that the demonic spirit had made her life a living hell since she was nine.

“The Thokolosi used to pile all my family members into one corner of the house, with myself on top of them,” said the unemployed woman, adding that the nasty looking wound scarring her face was caused by repeated fierce slaps from the creature.

The dark, foul smelling sores are all over Boredile’s fragile body.

The long-suffering lady further told the Voice that the demon ruined her education, traumatising her to the extent that she was forced to drop out of Primary School in Standard 3.

Boredile explained how a ‘shadowy man’ would randomly appear while she was at school, often causing her to faint with fright.

According to the relieved villagers, the Thokolosi’s presence was especially strong in Borotsi’s Village Development Committee (VDC) houses.

One of those affected, Bathobakae Batshabile who is originally from Goo-Tau village, said he stayed in a VDC house for a week but was forced to leave after a number of bizarre, unexplainable incidents.

“When I arrived at the house, I bought P200 meat. The following day I found the entire chunk of meat had been moved to the middle of the sitting room – even though I was alone in the house. I could not believe it! Shortly after that, I received few hot slaps,” he said, shuddering involuntarily at the memory.

Thokolosi terror
HARASSED: Julia Boredile

Batshabile also revealed that one of his colleague’s decided to relocate from the village after the creature inserted ‘a finger-like part’ inside his anus while the man was taking a bath.

“I have long suspected that the Thokolosi could be a man because only women can see it,” he said.

Batshabile added that one of the Thokolosi’s favourite spells was to make women stimulate sexual intercourse as they slept beside their partners at night.

While The Voice could not ascertain the existence of the mythical creature, the relieved residents profusely thanked the Eloyi church as they believed it had finally banished the shape-shifting zombie for good.

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