Things fall apart

New Jerusalem struggling to find a leader MPs starting to retrace their steps back

The newly formed Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) known as New Jerusalem is beginning to crumble as MPs begin to distance themselves from it.

Apparently finding a suitable leader is not the only thing the group is struggling with as some of the party members including Members of Parliament originally associated with it are beginning to decamp.

Information gathered by The Voice has indicated that all the potential leaders approached such as Jacob Nkate, Joy Phumaphi, Venson Moitoi and Nonofo Molefhi have shied away from taking up the offer to be the head of this faction.

In an interview with The Voice, Nkate said he was never approached formally.

“If there was any discussion of that sort it could have been informal and had they formally approached me, I was going to decline their offer anyhow. We are facing a steep competition in the coming elections and we don’t have the luxury of having breakaway formations from the party,” said the former MP for Ngami, adding that even if he were to challenge for any position in the coming elective congress, it would not be for the presidency.

Although Neo Moroka was alleged to have shown willingness to lend his leadership skills to the faction before, recent reports have indicated that he has also since turned his back on the group.

Some of the MPs that are now starting to publicly distance themselves from New Jerusalem include MP for Nata/Gweta, Paulson Majaga.

Majaga told this publication that when he arrived from his official trip to Rwanda recently, he was shocked to find his name listed amongst the New Jerusalem members.

“I was never consulted and to put my name on their list without consultation was an insult,” said Majaga who went on to explain that he was actually aligned to president Masisi’s camp and not that of former President Khama.

Things fall apart

“I never got along with Khama even when he was President, he never distributed blankets in my constituency despite the fact that the area was once hit by floods, he chose to go to other constituencies and sideline mine. So I have been with Masisi and hope he won’t change and ignore me just like Khama did,” the outspoken MP explained.

“BDP members are starting to introspect and that is why this new group will soon be history. They cannot be fooled and be used by one man who wants to push his personal interests. We were used for a long time but now its time to give the president the support he needs,” said one of the MPs who didn’t want to be named. New Jerusalem faction is alleged to be a group of aggrieved BDP members who are hell-bent on ousting President Masisi.

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Jerusalem is the birth place of Christianity and Judasim why on earth would a party use such a name – How Odd and very Strange ??


Very mind bogglingfor a political party to use such a name one would have tought a religious order not a political party there is only one New Jerusalem… It is the place when one leaves this earth and after being judged on your doing on this earth you go it …yes Heaven