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Thieving Mum Jailed


A habitual thief’s luck ran out today when Palapye customary court locked her up for a year.

Margaret Moyo, 39 has been stealing since 1996 and getting off with light sentences.

Her record revealed that she had 11 previous records of the same offence dating back to 1996.

Kgosi Michael Maforaga of Palapye said the mother of six enjoys theft. “You are used to it and you seem to love it. You always use your children as an excuse to get off lightly and this means you don’t know the repercussions of stealing,” Maforaga said to Moyo’s shameful admission.

When pleading for mercy, Moyo blamed poverty for her actions. “I’m an orphan and my children are suffering. My younger brother is hospitalised and there is no one to look after him,” she lamented.

Maforaga was not dissuaded. “I’m not a fool. There are government initiatives that take care of people like you. Actually I have not been fair to you by giving you a light sentence but if you come to me again after a year I will give you the maximum which is three years.”

Outside court Moyo who was waiting for a Police car to take her to jail said she regretted her ways.

She said she never approached the social welfare office for help ever since the father of her children died.


  1. 11 previous convictions of the same offence…one a nateheletswe ebile gaa bue sepe, batho ba loga meriri ba a thagola go tshetsa bana ba bone ene are o ta tsaa hela, le gone o tswelela hela ka go nyonyora bana a ntse are oa sotega! sis