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They don’t eat a thank you

EMPTY PROMISES: President Mnangagwa's billboard

After his swearing in and listening to his speech of building a new Zimbabwe, a part of me became hopeful that maybe, just maybe, President Emmerson Mngangagwa would produce a shocker and deliver on his promise.

My hopes were however dashed just a few hours later when state media announced the president had lined up countrywide rallies to thank his supporters.

This to me is a clear indication that the president has not set his priorities right.

Presidential rallies surely don’t come cheap and Zimbabwe clearly has no money to spend on such pointless gatherings.

Of course some might argue that the rallies will be sponsored by the ruling Zanu PF but we all know there is a very thin line between the party’s finance department and the state coffers.

One would have expected Mnangangwa to hit the ground by doing things that would benefit the masses, but no, he sees it fit to spend millions of dollars just to thank people who voted for him province by province.

Our suffering knows no party members.

The very same people who voted for Mnangangwa and Zanu PF, especially those in rural areas where the party boasts of a strong support base, are also cashless, struggling to make ends meet and failing to access proper health care.

Their children walk long distances to school, in some cases on empty stomachs, yet the president in his wisdom believes it’s a good idea to go and say thank you to these people by just word of mouth.

Fine, the president thinks he has support and feels he has to thank his supporters but isn’t there a better way of thanking these people?

He will go and say thank you for voting for me, then what, make more promises.

Mngangagwa must show his gratitude by improving the lives of these people and not just merely thanking them verbally for voting him into power.

He is not expected to make meaningful change in one day but his attitude and priorities should show he has the people’s interests at heart.

Why not divert those millions that would be spent on rallies to buying basic drugs in all government hospitals throughout the country, or better still drill boreholes which will benefit communities in the long run.

Why not focus his energy on starting to build the new Zimbabwe that he promised?

These people who voted for him, just like those who didn’t and have accepted the status quo, expect the new president to deliver on his promises.

We wait with keen interest, to be able to withdraw cash from the banks without having to spend hours in queues; we also look forward to prices of basic commodities coming down and stabilizing, health institutions fully stocked and properly functioning.

We look forward to the upgrading of infrastructure, completion of projects that have long stalled and construction of dams so the masses can have access to clean water.

This to me would be a better thank you.


  1. This man who took over the country with the help of the Military while everyone just stood by and watched and also stood by and watched including SADC, unarmed protestors die from live ammunition charters a plan for a this Grace Mugabe whose name is known around the world for her disgusting behaviour , the way she used her position to beat up journalists and a woman in South Africa , She hasjust lost her mother ( she hops on a plane to get treatiment in Singapore ) so this person that has taken over the country witgh the help of the Miliary charters an expensive plane for her to come back because she has lost her mother. How many ordinary people have lost their parents and they have to sort the issue without the assistance of anyone.
    Those Ordinary people that were killed there was no article anywhere mentioning the government gave them assistance with burying their loved ones and this woman is pampered because she loses her mother. This woman who owns properties in the far east , who abused her position could afford to use her own money to fly back using other airlines.
    This woman who abused her position as the first lady of Zimbabwe should have sought medical treatment on the african continent and not travel to the far east for medical treatment. their friend the former PM of Malaysia is on trial for corruption and yet people likethis woman are untouchables onthe continent

  2. Th political field in this country where this person took over is not level
    There isa shortage of bread looming, there is a typhoid and cholera outbreak among other issues that ordinary people are facing they cannot access their money at their banks
    There has been an article where pregnant mothers have to sleep on the floor while giving birth to their children while this GREEDY former first lady of zimbabwe is being pampered . Her daughter has reportedly given birth to her two children in Singapore

  3. The issue is organisations Like SADC dare not speak out LOUDLY about CORRUPTION they dare not ENGAGE with those dealing with migrants and refugees .
    There is a town in France in Europe that is encountering a problem with migrants from the SUDAN, youths aged from 16 years old and over desperately wanting to start a new life

  4. “So President Mnangagwa was “moved” to charter plane for Grace Mugabe just to save her “the inconvenience of scheduled flights”. At a cost of $1 million or so; money that would have bought enough life-saving medicine for 10 000 plus who now dying unnecessarily. It is sickening! ” says one article

  5. That is why most african countries debts have to be cancelled or either they cannot pay back monies borrowed while the most of the ordinary people wallow in Poverty. there is this Poverty Eradication that SADC seem to be saying they are doing. How can one tackle poverty if one is not seen tackling issues like corruption, money laundering just to name a few

    September 10, 2018

    As it emerged that ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa has hired another expensive private jet, the death toll from the cholera outbreak in Harare’s high-density suburbs of Glen View and Budiriro has risen to 16.

    An analyst yesterday criticised Mnangagwa saying he chartered a plane for Grace Mugabe but cannot charter an ambulance for those who are dying of cholera and typhoid.

    Health officials yesterday quarantining and decommissioning all possible sources of the disease.

    The disease has since spread to the Midlands province in Gokwe North where four cases linked to the Harare outbreak have since been isolated.”

  7. “The priorities of this government are clearly misguided and far away from the people. To see Grace Mugabe boasting of Mnangagwa hiring the G650 for her to travel back for a funeral against the dying citizens sinks my heart. Firstly, Grace can afford the chattering on her own. Remember she can afford a $1.4 million diamond ring! Secondly, there are cheaper options. She could still have been placed in a good business class flight which is fairly comfortable for her following the op and this would have cost the taxpayers an average of $50 000 compared to the $1.3 million! ”

    This disgusting woman used to shop at Harrods in London and even one member of staff mentioned how ARROGANT the woman was when she arrived at the shop.

    One incident was the furore with a Lebanese businessman about a DIAMOND ring she purchased for her wedding anniversary . The lebanese man went through hell with the woman she even went as far as grabbing his property with the assistance of her son. She has been on record buying expensive vehicles. She cann afford the luxurious of life that money can buy but a plane is made available to her when her mother dies

  8. “IT’S unacceptable that people are still dying from preventable diseases such as cholera in 2018, suggesting that Zimbabwean authorities did not learn anything from a similar crisis ten years ago which left more than 4,000 dead.

    This was said by global rights group Amnesty International as the death toll from the latest cholera outbreak reached 21 countrywide.

    “It is appalling that in 2018, people are still dying of such a preventable disease,” said Jessica Pwiti, Amnesty International Zimbabwe’s Executive Director.

    “The current cholera epidemic is a terrible consequence of Zimbabwe’s failure to invest in and manage both its basic water and sanitation infrastructure and its health care system.”

    She added; “Given what happened in 2008, the government should have been better prepared.

    “But no lessons were learned from the 2008 epidemic, and the outbreak and deaths we’re seeing now is symptomatic of a still-broken sanitation infrastructure and poor sewer management, worsened by shortages of drugs and medical supplies.”

    Again it is the ordinary people that are being affected while those who caused the misery are being pampered by those running the country INSIDE and including those OUTSIDE who should be vocal but choose to remain on the sides and watch – very wrong

  9. Foreign television stations have had access to the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe
    This Health Minister was just recently appointed to a WHO post he has served under that old man Mugabe

  10. This minister in Zimbabwe his title is Minister of Health and Child Care – yes that’s his title the question does he really care about the welfare of people and children and just carry that title to get a salary ?

  11. “The strain of cholera bacteria that was isolated in patients in Harare has been determined to be resistant to first line antibiotics Ciprofloxacin and Ceftriaxone. A situational report prepared by the Ministry Of Health and World Health Organization has painted a grim picture of the challenges facing Harare at the moment. Two million people are in danger of co-infection of both cholera and typhoid says the report.”