They aren’t my messages!

Please assist. I bought an SIM card a year ago and ever since then I have been receiving banking details of what appears to be a former user of the number.

These messages tell of the account number,where the withdrawal took place and how much is left.

I am getting really annoyed by these texts and thinking of just posting the details on Facebook so that the owner of that bank account can do something about it because I am also concerned about safety of such info reaching elsewhere?

Firstly, please don’t post these details on Facebook.

The former owner of this number doesn’t deserve to be embarrassed.

Instead send me the cellphone number you bought and I’ll let the bank know so they can stop these messages going to the wrong person.

It really is very important that every time any of us change our cell numbers that we let the right people know what’s happened, most importantly our banks.

I’m surprised that the previous customer hasn’t noticed that they aren’t receiving their alert messages any more.

Wouldn’t you be worried if you stopped getting them? I know I would.

The former owner is also at some risk.

Don’t they to get a call from their bank if they spot something suspicious happening with their account?

I know I’ve received calls when I’ve been in another country from my bank checking that it’s really me using my credit card and although it’s sometimes a little irritating (it’s feels a bit like my Mum checking up on me)

I recognize that it’s actually in my interest as well as theirs.

So let’s help our banks keep us informed about what’s going on with our accounts.

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