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There’s no UDC without BMD- Pilane

There’s no UDC without BMD- PILANE

President of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Sidney Pilane has assured his party members that they were going to win their case in which they are challenging their dismissal from the Umbrella for Democratic Change.

Speaking at a BMD press conference on Wednesday Pilane said that there was no need to give up following their unlawful expulsion from the UDC since procedure was not followed prior to their dismissal.

He said that if the case the does not finish before 2019 elections, then it will mean each party stands on its own without using the umbrella symbol.

“We are going to contest as UDC members,” said Pilane, assuring his followers.

He challenged the Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) to try and stand alone without the BMD or under UDC and see if they will take government or even win back the 17 constituencies that they won in 2014 elections.

Without BMD, Pilane noted, there won’t be be any cooperation because it is the BMD which facilitated for the coalition.

“We are not going to approach them for reconciliation but wait for them to come to us. We don’t have any problem with them, they wronged us so they must approach us. We served them with court papers and if they don’t respond within time then it will mean it’s over and we take what is ours. We are not going to surrender.”

However as BMD , Pilane said they pray for reconciliation because BNF and BCP can never successfully work together without the BMD.

“We are the pillars of the UDC,” he boasted.

Meanwhile the BMD Secretary General, Gilbert Mangole rubbished reports by UDC President, Duma Boko that they were going to give the BMD sometime to sort themselves out.

A few weeks back, Boko told the media that they were ready to welcome the BMD back only if it meets some of the guidelines stipulated by UDC leadership However, Mangole dismissed that as lies saying the only correspondence that they received from the UDC was a dismissal letter.

“We were dismissed and that is why we took the case to court, he must be honest,” explained Mangole.