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Theatre at workplace on the cards



Ghetto Waves Productions – a Francistown based theatre performing group – is on the verge of sealing its first deal with one of the leading parastatal to provide theatre at the workplace.

It will be a first of its kind in Botswana despite the fact that it is an international norm in the developed world.

Theatre at the workplace is used by organizations across the globe as a way of educating workers about a certain subjects mainly in relation to safety, economic issues and appraising employees on pertinent aspects of life.

It is against this background that Ghetto Waves Productions has managed to persuade Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) to partner with them in the provision of theatre at the workplace.

According to Lionel Nkosi, the Project Manager at Ghetto Waves Productions, the idea is to educate employees in a relaxed manner.

Nkosi said a number of surveys conducted by researchers have revealed the information is grasped better when the message is being imparted in a relaxed environment.

He said the idea is to sell the concept to other organizations.