IN my house we seem to be on the edge of the great “Why?” abyss. And this my dear reader I recently learnt can be a bit daunting on a school day morning. Below is a typical conversation between my three- year -old son and myself when I was about to dress him up for school on the first day of back to school morning.

Him: I don’t want to wear clothes.
Me: You have to dress up.
Him: Why?
Me: Because its cold.
HIM: But I am not cold.
Me: But even if its not cold you can’t go to school naked.
Him: Why?
Me: Because its not allowed to walk naked.
Him: ( Screaming at the top of his voice: Whyyyyyyyyyyy?
Me: Agitated by the screaming and the line of questioning) You have to cover your private parts.
Him: (Still shouting but less than before) Why?
Me: (More agitated than before) Because your private parts need to stay private.
HIM: Why?
Me: Because I say so and now hurry up and let me dress you or I’ll leave you home to be dressed by the auntie while I take your brother to school and I go to work.

Lesson learnt: It generally takes forever to get a small child dressed, and yes, it helps to quicken things up by feeling free and mighty as a mother to end an annoying WHY? Conversation with , “because I say so.”

Emang, a five- year- old is still too small to ride to school. I think you should make him wait until he is in standard five (10 years old). But anyways, I truly support free-range parenting as you call it.
It gives kids confidence and a sense of independence. It builds them into sociable beings, and exercises their bodies. keep it that way mma!
From Tidimalo Moalosi via email

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