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The walk is over – but the struggle goes on

The walk is over - but the struggle goes on
THANK YOU: Lebogang C.J.S.S pupils

Councillor for Sesame/Kagiso Ward, Selibi Phikwe, Moses Serite is proud that his effort to help fund developments at Lebogang C.J.S.S. in the ailing mining town was a success.

Serite, of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), earlier this month led a team of walkers, comprising teachers and other volunteers, on a 150 kilometre walk from Francistown to his home town to raise funds for the school.

The cash will be used to pave the road from the teacher’s quarters and also build a Guidance and Counselling Centre.

The 10-day walk, during which Serite and his team stopped over at several villages to inform residents of their mission and drum up support, raised over P12, 000 through donations from villagers and some companies.

“I am pleased with our effort and the support we got from the communities through which we walked and some of the business houses we approached for support,” Serite told an excited audience as Phikwe residents welcomed him and his ‘Mafetsakgang’ team at the school.

The visibly ecstatic councillor went on to point out that besides giving walkers cash, the residents of Tati Siding, Tonota, Serule and Damuchujena had provided them with food, accommodation and livestock.

“We are grateful to all who helped and look forward to more support from them in future,” Serite said.

On another note, Serite, who challenged all community leaders in the country to playing meaningful roles in community projects, said he would see to it that the Lebogang project is completed.

“The money we have raised is not enough and I intend to work towards getting more help, whether financial or in kind to finish the projects. You can give money cement, livestock. We need all we can get,” Serite told his ululating audience.