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The March on Kgale Hill

Support a crime free Gaborone

Kgale Hill is the face that greets us as we return to Gaborone from almost anywhere. As you drive wearily back from the cattle post, home village, South Africa, or a camping holiday it is a familiar beacon in the distance. It tells you the comforts of home is within reach. It is our landmark, something we take genuine civil pride and enjoyment from.

Kgale provides us with striking views, lush greens during the rains, rugged dusty reds and browns when it is dry -and of course the picturesque sunsets. It is our hill, something we take genuine civil pride and enjoyment from.

Those that take on the challenge of the climb, are rewarded with fantastic views of Gaborone, the dam and this stunning country. For those that take on the challenge, it should be a place where the only dangers are natural – slipping on a rock and spraining an ankle, getting scratched by a thorn, or coping with a rogue baboon. It should be a place where any members of the community could enjoy a sporty outing, bond with each other, make memories.

Yet for years now Kgale Hill has not belonged to the community. It has been allowed to become a known refuge for criminals who not only attack hikers but also use it as a staging area to strike the surrounding neighborhoods. Or they attack motorists stuck in traffic then run off towards the hill knowing that no one will follow them into the bush.

The members of Fight Crime Gaborone are leading the charge to reclaim Kgale and make it a safe place for everyone to enjoy. Join us at the quarry car park 9:30 AM Sunday August 7th, for a symbolic march up Kgale Hill. It will be a morning of fun, laughter, and community bonding – invite your family and friends and bring a picnic basket.

This is our first chance to make a public stand against the plague of crime in Gaborone. Your first chance to let our Voices be heard – make your voice part of the chorus.