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The journey to recovery

The journey to recovery
The journey to recovery

For the month of September we celebrate those who have taken a step towards recovery and we as well encourage those who want to start the journey of recovery.

The theme for Recovery Month 2017 is Join the Voices for Recovery: Strengthen Families and Communities.

The theme looks to highlight the value of family support through recovery.

However recovery begins with the individual.

Every one experiences change. However, as frequent and inevitable as it is, change is often accompanied by fear.

This is common when one is in recovery.

Questions that start with “what if” dominate your mind.

For example what if I find it difficult to change or what if I fail.

Below are some tips on how you can overcome fear when you are in recovery.

• Be positive. Fearing what is unknown can lead one to focus on negative possibilities.

It is important to remember that to every what if question there is an “if not” that is opposite.

Instead of letting the negatives bring you down, eliminate issues that might lead you to the negative result.

Let the positives motivate and empower your as you dwell on their rewards.

• Have a plan. Think of recovery as going on a journey.

You need to have a map of were you are going, pack resources and check for bad weather.

That means have a goal, find methods to achieve it and prepare for possible barriers along the way.

This will help eliminate fear of the unexpected.

Having a plan will help you know where you are going and monitor your progress.

• Create a support system. Remember no man is an island.

A support system can include friends, family, people who are in recovery and professionals in the field.

A support system will be there for you especially when you need to be uplifted, empowered and encouraged.

For example when you feel overwhelmed the people who care about you will help lift your load. When you have questions to be answered a professional will give you valid information.

• Remember to every what if question there is a what if not that is opposite.

You will never know until you try.

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