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  • Nigeria here we come

Oh yes this Saturday we will be playing Nigeria away from home.


I heard that the game will be live on Super sport. This is a real opportunity for us as players to be seen by the whole world. Ours is to go all out there and fight for the country. It is not like we are afraid of these teams but personally having experience from way back in 2005 I never back off from a challenge. The sad thing though is that we will not have an opportunity to change t-shirts after the game. We will all love to change because maybe we will never play Nigeria again but we have to follow the rules.

  • I played my best!

The Nico game was the best I have played this season. Maybe this was because it was a clash of the top two teams in the league.

When the game started it Nico was all over us, we were slightly intimidated but we told ourselves that to win the league you have to beat the best. I told myself that I had to lead by example and I


was even confident to take the penalty.  Some may say it wasn’t a good penalty but whether you score with a nose, hip, stomach or knee there is no bad goal. I have a big heart I wasn’t panicking I have missed a penalty at national team level so why fear taking it at club level.

  • FIFA week

This week we are in the Zebras camp and all the players that the coach wanted are here except the injured.


As a player I still feel the world football governing body found it necessary to make such arrangements. It helps because all the players are released by their clubs without problems. Botswana has to take advantage as nations only avail themselves during this time.

  • Scouts watching

I have a contract with my agent which is coming to an end this month. I don’t have any concrete deal as yet to move abroad.

So far I haven’t seen anything tangible. But playing a big house like Nigeria there will surely be a lot of scouts watching the game. The good thing is that no player will be put under pressure like when one scout comes to watch.

  • Bonuses

Since qualifying we have been taking it as cool as ever.

We have a set appearance fee of P2 000 and a winning bonus of P1 500, nothing has changed. I however have a strong belief that our bosses will tell us if there is any change, bottom line is we will still play even if bonus issue is not settled.