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This weekend we are travelling to Francistown to play Tasc and we are going all the way to get a win.

I personally don’t like small teams it is not easy to plan for them as opposed to the big boys. While this will be a tricky affair we will still come out tops I guess.
What happened over the weekend was a bad PR for our football. Imagine even the Rollers and Chiefs supporters being put together in such a dangerous manner. I am glad they behaved well and didn’t do anything stupid. These are the two main supporters of football in the country and sometimes they don’t see eye to eye. It was good though to see them singing and dancing together.


As Chiefs players we were ready to play ball.

We wanted to get our revenge against Nico United. We were instructed not to go into the pitch for warm-up. To be a player is painful because you have to receive instructions especially in such administrative cases.


We hear from South African reports that we may play both legs of our World Cup Qualifier against Bafana Bafana in South Africa.

This is unacceptable. As the past group of players we preferred UB stadium because it gave us perfect ammunition to carry out the game plan.

The lack of bigger capacity to accommodate more spectators is what just worries us but the BFA can still do something to show appreciation to those who can’t make it to the stadium.


We hear that the BFA will be building another ground next to the administration offices.

It will be good to have an artificial turf but as players we don’t like it. It is not as good as natural grass. But it will be good to have an alternative.