For the first time I have to confess that we were really scared by the Bobonong team.


We were fighting for our lives. First half they matched us pound for pound. Second half we used experience and they cracked just a bit. It was funny seeing Maldine on the different bench with his brother Hlabangane who is former Chiefs’ player. It was men at work.


We clobbered them 8-1 in the first round and we want to continue the onslaught this Sunday.


We will all be from church but the pastors’ words won’t mean we will not kill them. Second round is difficult but Chiefs are chiefs of football. We are aware of the likes of Mpho Mabogo formerly with Chiefs.


I have to point out that I am still young so I haven’t retired from the Zebras.

I will still play. On the issue of money we all hear that companies that pledged are yet to give the BFA the monies. The boys have their thoughts but as you know I didn’t play at AFCON so this will be an ongoing dialogue.



Oh yes who thought football players can’t marry?

Well my former teammate now with Notwane Kgomari Mothuba is tying the knot.

Yours truly will follow suit. A man has to separate from the boys. I am very happy and wish Ndobane the best in his marriage; surely I will be there as well like any other responsible man.


I am doing well with this arm.

We all know that it takes time to be completely healed. Defenders are already going tough on me on this one. I haven’t injured it again though, I am careful with it.

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