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Zebras’ camp


We are currently in Rustenburg, this is where England lodged for the 2010, World Cup. We are all very happy with what we have seen and are working well in good facilities. We have good grounds and this will surely motivate us.
JJ won his case

In case you don’t know my Zebras team-mate Jerome Ramatlhakwane has won his case against former Capetown Club, Santos. He has been declared a free agent. He now has to look for a new club and enquiries are already pouring. He has been frustrated by this for a very long time. He has hurt for too long and it is enough? You should have seen his face when he broke the news.

BDF scare!
Oh yes what a game against the soldiers over the weekend. It was really a game of the weekend, we failed to increase the gap but we are still on top. To tell the truth, we were not intimidated. We


missed chances and made schoolboy errors. We really had a bad day in office. During the game I never thought we would not score, I had the belief that a goal was going to come with all the chances created.

10 -15 more goals


I obviously don’t know how we will shape up after the AFCON break. My belief is that we will go all the way with the same form. If it works out that way I promise to score another 10-15 goals. It is possible. The only other time I scored 23 goals was while at BMC and it was after the end of the season. Now I am one goal less from breaking my record. But even if I don’t score a goal after AFCON I won’t care as long as Chiefs wins the league.

Offers pouring
It is true that club chairman, Ernest Molome was on national radio answering questions about my future. He revealed that the offer from Platinum FC in Zimbabwe

Ernest Molome

wasn’t good enough. While Chiefs have their expectations I also have mine which are being taken care of by my managers. I may not even know about other offers. Any time a good offer comes I will take it. Maybe I may have to wait until we get back from AFCON. I hear people are saying I have outgrown the Botswana league. I don’t think so but I am of the view that I need new challenges. In football it is all about form, sometimes after moving you struggle to get it. I however want to remain level headed and let people judge for themselves.