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I don’t fear that team, not at all.

The truth is this team is one of those that took the league away from Chiefs. Just like Notwane, this will be a new game. The last time I played them I scored and I can only wish that will continue. I don’t care about personal record, I think about the team first. I get happy when the team has won even if I didn’t score. Without a club there are no individual accolades.

Yes I missed a penalty over the weekend but we still went to win.

This is the beauty of the game. Diego Marodona the best footballer has missed them before. Despite missing that penalty against Notwane I am still going to take them and even if I miss I won’t stop taking them. I have a big heart and great players miss penalties and big chances. Look here dear readers I will cry after missing a sitter than a spot kick.

We hear reports that there were people at the stadium.

We are in Africa and people must stop saying witchcraft as if they don’t know it. Of all the teams I have played for, Maletamotse, BMC, Rollers, Chiefs I have never played for any which didn’t use muti. Those who help themselves are the ones who achieve great things. This thing of muti will never stop. One time there was fire at the national stadium, why didn’t people make a fuss.  I for one once vomited while playing against Gunners, the BPL General Manager was there, they know these things happen, it shouldn’t look like its new.

This is the last lap of the first round not the season.

We are just pace setters. This is like the last minute of the first half in a 90 minutes game. We have to win the league not just the first round. I can tell you that morale is very high, what I can say is we are mature enough.  We are not going to start celebrating. I don’t care who wins between those running for second spot, I will still play them, every man for himself, whoever is behind me I will hammer. I don’t need favours.

I am happy for ‘Terror’ Mara Moloi.

This is the first season he has been playing regularly. He is very confident and we all score, he tells me that we must contribute at least a goal apiece every weekend. All the players are happy for him. Look here people are talking about goals we are scoring, the thing is teams miss a lot of goals but as for us we convert. We are very much composed and it works for us. Take nothing away from the defenders.