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Jomo and JJ


Jomo is back from trials with Bay United. He wasn’t like in a whole new world because two of his countrymen coach David Bright and Modiri Marumo are there. He told me that Bright was happy with him of course. What I know is any coach especially those who know Jomo will be happy with the way he looks physically. On the ‘JJ’ factor it is a pity he hasn’t been registered to play for his team In South Africa. What I know is that he is a tough man. He has always been scoring goals for the Zebras while in this scenario.

Another high ‘5’

Oh yes believe it or not, we scored five goals for the second time in the league and this time around the victims were Francistown based GNT. It wasn’t as easy as the score sheet suggests. Those five goals were just as hard to get like the ones against Rollers, they are not league deciders, the difference is just that people don’t expect  five against Rollers but we enjoyed the high five against a newly promoted side.

Not yet on top

Eish I may have scored nine goals from the nine games we have played but is doesn’t necessarily mean I am top of my game. The thing is Centre Chiefs create a lot of chances and forwards are availed scoring opportunities all the time. This is a free scoring team.

I still want to put an extra 10 percent so that my goal spree continues and teams are intimidated.

No fakes

I can confidently tell everybody that Zebras players are committed players. Some people believe some of us are faking injuries especially at club level. What we all understand at Zebras is that Stan Tshosane is watching us so we are under the microscope more than even the new players. We have to impress at club level. Personally I am even playing with minor knocks because my club pays my salary. The nation must trust us we are patriotic and no fakes!


The referees have been under fire of late especially from losing teams. How on earth does the winning team never complain? With referees they are human but they are doing a good job so far. But with 22 players they

Lekgotla Johaness

can’t all agree with the referees. Personally I haven’t argued with them this season. The only thing I hate about playing is when a player resorts to time wasting, where goalkeepers sleep with the ball on the pitch.
Miscellaneous here we come

The stubborn Serowe side will surely be in our menu this weekend. It is no easy meat playing a side in the bottom of the log. I still believe it is nice to say you have beaten a team after the whistle has gone. There should be murder before they rise to the occasion. By the way this will be our first journey down north.