The hyena is not mine!
CAPTURED: The hyena caught at the mortuary buildings

Funeral palour explains beast in premises

Managing Director (MD) of Olitha Funeral Parlour in Mogoditshane, Calvin Ngwape has dissociated himself from a hyena that was seen roaming around his business premises on Saturday morning.

Ngwape made the hyena disclaimer after neighbours who sighted the wild animal at the mortuary started spreading rumours that it was part of Ngwape’s’s muti rituals to lure more customers.

“I know people around here are saying its ours or we are trying to use it to lure people to our services with its powers but that is not the case. The hyena just wondered into my yard because the gate was opened and it found its way here,” said Ngwape.

He spoke in an interview after business came to a standstill at the busy street of Mogoditshane where the wild animal was seen.

By 9am onlookers had surrounded the mortuary, shoving and pushing to catch a glimpse of the rare sighting, which had crossed several streets to arrive at its destination.

The incident happened when Ngwape was on his way to work.

“I received a phone call from a security guard alerting me of a hyena that had wondered into my business premises

“The security guards told me that the hyena was frightening people and causing too much commotion from curious onlookers. They did not know where the animal came from so I told them to call the Police,” Ngwape explained.

He said the business had recently occupied the new premises so the hyena might have wondered in from the bush.

“I think it came from the nearby bush because when I eventually arrived here the creature was still here and the BDF officers said it was not theirs too,” he further explained.

One of the employees, Kelebogile Molefe said the gates are usually open at that time of the morning so the hyena simply walked in.

“It came from that direction,” she said pointing at a nearby bush, “and when it saw a lot of movement it ran into the nearest secure place which happened to be our buildings.”

Asked how long the animal was trapped on their property for, she replied, “I do not know really. We found it here. I don’t know when it exactly arrived, but it looks like it came in that early morning when we opened our doors for business.”

However, Botswana Defence Force (BDF) swiftly moved in to capture the animal.

Confirming the bizarre incident, Mogoditshane station commander, Russ Lesebe said, “We were called to the scene but we only assisted in bringing in the soldiers to capture the animal.”

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