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The groovy foodie
SERVICE WITH A SMILE: Mogapaesi with another satisfied customer

A 38-year-old single mother of one sacrificed a steady job as a lecturer three years ago to pursue her business and community work dreams.

A graduate of the Limkokwing University in Malaysia, Tshepo Gaone Mogapaesi, who left the respected institution with a Degree in Mass Communication after majoring in advertising and film making, taught at Limkokwing’s Gaborone Campus for seven years.

However, the Mochudi native realised that keeping the plum position would put paid to her business and community work aspirations and promptly quit.

“I have since my younger years dreamt of making it in business. At all stages in my life I have sold something, starting with sweets whilst in primary school. I have also long wanted to do work to change people’s lives for the better. With this in mind, I had no qualms quitting what many see as the perfect job,” Mogapaesi reasoned when asked to explain her decision.

Mogapaesi, who is a talented cook, chose the food industry to start her business journey and has set up a popular pasta joint on the street in her home village’s bustling mall.

Her community work has begun in earnest as well. She has started working with youth in Artesia to help them overcome challenges such as substance and drug abuse.

As to why she chose pasta to establish her ‘ten bucks a meal’ venture, which she plans to grow into a franchise someday, Mogapaesi explained, “I have always loved pasta dishes and I have come up with a delicious healthy sauce that I want to share with the world. At the prices I am charging I think that is possible!”

She would however not be drawn into divulging her secret sauce recipe.

Talking about her work to improve the lives of others in the community, the big dreaming beauty said she would use her groovy side to get positive messages of inspiration to young people.

‘I am a DJ and I think it is a platform through which I can communicate with young people better,” said Mogapaesi, whose talent on the discs has already taken her to Eswatini, where she shared the stage with renowned Swati and South African DJs.

Meanwhile, Mogapaesi is organising a food festival in Mochudi, where she hopes to use her culinary skills and love for the vibe to inspire young people and woman to aspire to live better lives.

“I believe in youth and women empowerment and this project, which I intend to do annually, will go a long way in that regard,” clarified Mogapaesi, whose ambition to be an influential business person and community worker is inspired by among others the American celebrity, Oprah Winfrey.