It has been the most talked about event for the last six weeks, now finally the day that Botswana fashion will put the whole world to a standstill is right here.

TWO OF THE BEST: Andiswa and Jan

The organizers of the Colour in the Desert Fashion Week have outdone themselves. Who could have ever imagined that some of the beautiful faces we see on television and some face products could grace this country and model some local designs? Well this is just how far Jan Malan; the show producer also producer of Mnet Face of Africa has gone. Malan literally dragged some of the well known South African models out of Johannesburg to come here and give this show the respect that it deserves. Not only did he ransack Jozi he also brought some world acclaimed models from Zimbabwe. To put it in his own words: (These ladies had to be ferried here on a bus from Johannesburg). Can you imagine! Some are used to flying business class, but for the sake of fashion they had to drop their larger than life attitude to grace this historical event that would go a long way in showcasing Botswana as a fashion country.

CELEBRITY LINE UP: Some of the SA models

Like the man has said, Europeans are stealing African ideas and making a lot of money out of them. Why can’t we as African designers take the responsibility of taking our own brands to the international community?

Well the answer is very simple. Local and some invited African designers have taken the initiative and it starts this Friday. Would you be part of the revolution?

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