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The bee should have stung her

The bee should have stung her
SAVED BY THE SWATTER: An aide protecting Grace Mugabe from bee sting

A bee can hover around anything and anyone with no big deal, but when it comes close to stinging the first lady then it becomes a talking point.

Last Saturday, during the burial of former Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku, Associated Press photographer, Tsvangirai Mukwazhi captured a bee buzzing around Grace Mugabe’s head in what has been called a classic picture.

While Grace did not seem bothered as she knew her aides will quickly jump and flap it away, (which they did) the sight of the bee near her became a talking point on social media with some wishing she had been stung not once but several times.

What also made it interesting for people was that in one of her rallies early this year she castigated people who likened her to a queen bee because of how she seemed to be now dominating in Zanu PF.

“It was a queen bee that was not happy with how she described them early this year,” tweeted Umbrella Movement ZW, in reference to how Grace had said she doesn’t want to be likened to a queen bee, which is known for dominating a bee colony.

Of all the comments, there are two which basically summed up how Zimbos feel about the first lady who is often called Gucci Grace because of her expensive taste and love for finer things despite the country’s ailing economy.

“She bathes in syrup and uses expensive essential oils. The bee thought she’s a flower. Of course, while Zimbabwe starves,” tweeted one Melusi Nkomo while Chris Chidarikire said, “it won’t be just queen bees coming after these thieves and murderers.”

While it is common knowledge that many people resent Mugabe and by extension his wife because of his clinging onto power, which has in turn resulted in Zimbabwe being an economically fragile state, it was quite amusing how people wished the bee could inflict pain on Grace, but then again who wouldn’t with Grace some harm anyway!

This is because there is a general belief that Mugabe has long wanted to retire but talked against doing so by his 52- year- old wife who is still ‘young’ and enjoying the perks that come with being a first lady.

Meanwhile, it never rains but pours for the national airline, Air Zimbabwe, which has been refused permission to fly into the European Union because of safety concerns.

This however did not come as a surprise considering the many problems that are bedeviling the airline.

But what is perhaps ironic is that when Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore was dubiously appointed Chief Operations Officer we were told that he was the best candidate for the job and would turn around the fortunes of the airline.

The opposite has actually happened.

While it has been struggling for years, the airline is now in a far worse state.

Hardly a month passes by without news that it flew a whole jet with five or less passengers either from Joburg to Harare or vice versa, with the recent case being last week.

When the news broke out that Air Zim would no longer fly into the EU skies, Zimbos again took to Twitter to air out their views with one person called Zimbabwean Ndebele saying, “We shouldn’t worry because that is Mugabe’s ambulance.”

The tweet that perhaps summed up everything was by one Ngoni Mandi who said, “When you think we have hit rock bottom, we start digging the rock to go even lower.”

I couldn’t agree more with him because of late, nothing positive seems to come out of this country.

When we think we have seen it all and done it all, we are hit by yet more sad news and negative developments.

Who would have thought that in this era parents and guardians would be told to pay school fees with goats? Only in Zimbabwe can such things happen and who knows what other nonsensical policy is coming our way in future.