Brilliant young woman unleashes creativity to beat unemployment

After futile attempts to get either education or a regular job, 23-year-old Bonno Mosweu of Dukwi has taken to beadwork to make a living.

“I sat for my BGCSE examinations in 2010 and did relatively well and wanted to pursue tertiary education in science, art or business related disciplines. I have an interest in those subjects and was confident I would do well in whatever course I took. I applied to a number of institutions but could not study as I could not afford the fees or get a sponsorship. I also tried to get a job but I failed. I spent more than a year trying and eventually decided try something else” Mosweu told Your Money in an enterprising.

It was at this point that her love for art and working with her hands came to the rescue and she took up beadwork

“The idea just occurred to me sometime in 2012 when I was in Matsiloje visiting relatives. I had never worked with beads before. I guess it was latent talent. I mentioned the idea to my Aunt Lorato Tlale who was supportive and bought me the things I needed to start. She bought me beads, thread, earring hooks and necklace joiners. With that I made my first batch of necklaces and earrings. I have not looked back since,” said Bonno whose only experience by then was from her days of making fashion necklaces, bangles and ear rings from copper wires at the play ground with her friends.

Since then she has added copper wire to her material and expanded her product range to include lampshades and sculptures.

She has plans to include more products as her business and skill level grows.

“I am always thinking of what more I can make out of beads, wire and thread. I could make curtains for instance. I would also love to make decorative ornaments. The list is endless. All I need to do is to think of something and do it,” said the young woman who dreams of not only growing her business but sharing her talent with others as well.

“ I still have plans to go to school but this time it will be to improve my artist and business skills” In the meantime Bonno is keeping her hopes high that a Youth Development Fund grant that she has applied for will boost her business and help her realise her artistic entrepreneurial dream.

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