Home Other News “That’s a dead baboon not a thokolosi!”

“That’s a dead baboon not a thokolosi!”

“That’s a dead baboon not a thokolosi!”
TRICKY TRIO: The 'traditional doctors' will be sentenced next week

Three Zimbabwean men who conned a woman out of P1, 000 on pretence of exorcising a thokolosi from her yard admitted their guilt before Broadhurst Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The would-be sangomas: Phillip Rusari, 39, Tafara Chihwayi, 42, and his 27-year-old brother, Gift Chihwayi also pleaded guilty to entering Botswana through an ungazatted point.

Court heard how the trio tricked one Linet Mmali David, by planting a dead baboon in her home and later presenting it to her as a ‘thokolosi’ they had exorcised.

During the reading of facts, Detective Senior Superintendent Sergeant Marapo, revealed Mmali had previously travelled to Gabane where the three were operating for consultation.

During the meeting, Gift pressed Mmali on the chest and declared she had ‘sejeso’ (poison).

“He showed Mmali something which looked like a crab and a tooth of animal claiming to have removed it from her body and she paid P150 for the service.

“The accused persons went to Mmali’s house saying there is a thokolosi and they want to remove it. They asked her to go out and fetch water then they planted the dead baboon between her mattresses during her absence,” testified Marapo.

According to Marapo, when the police questioned the suspects, they admitted the banished spirit was actually ‘road kill’ in the form of a dead baboon, which they found along the A1 road near Kgale hill.

Marapo said upon arrest the accused also failed to produce their travel documents.

Representing the accused, Manchwe Masaka pleaded with the court to be lenient, noting that his clients were ‘bread winners’. He said the economic situation in Zimbabwe had forced the men to commit such crimes.

The tricky trio were remanded in custody and will be sentenced on the 24th of November.