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Tense times at the BDP

Tense times at the BDP
OUT: Nonofo Molefhi

“Cabinet of losers is an economic threat” analyst warns

The loss of several cabinet Ministers and their assistants in the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections at the weekend has been viewed as a potential threat to the country’s economy.

According to local political analyst, Ndalamo Anthony Morima, the Bulela Ditswe results show a lack of confidence in the government.

“Ministers are the face of government, the success of government is reflected on them. Their loss shows that people are not satisfied with government policies,” Morima reasoned.

In total, ten cabinet members (see full list below) lost out to mostly first-time contenders for parliamentary seats.

Morima believes this has the potential of ‘a double-edged sword’ in that it could impact either negatively or positively on the state’s economy.

“Some will be demoralised as they will be thinking of their future beyond the current Parliament. Some may work harder, hoping to impress the president with hope to be appointed to diplomatic posts or specially elected back to Parliament,” he explained.

However, Morima warned that keeping ‘losers’ in cabinet could set a dangerous trend.

“Some may be tempted into corrupt deals, corrupt business people may approach them. That is why in more mature democracies, such ministers, especially the ones who lost dismally like Shaw Kgathi, would hand in their resignation immediately after losing,” the political analyst observed.

Tense times at the BDP
OUT: Tshenolo Mabeo

Asked for a comment, BDP Secretary General, Mpho Balopi told The Voice that he is yet to engage President Masisi on the subject.

Balopi further explained that Masisi and Kgathi are currently in China on a state visit.


Nonofo Molefhi – Presidential affairs, governance and public administration.

Shaw Kgathi – Defence, Justice and Security,

Patrick Ralotsia and his assistant Frans Van der Westhuizen – Agriculture and Food Security

Dr Alfred Madigele and his assistant Biggie Butale – Health and Wellness

Tshenolo Mabeo – Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development

Kefentse Mzwinila and his assistant Itumeleng Moipisi – Land Management water and sanitation services

Ngaka Ngaka – Tertiary Education Research, Science and Technology