Teacher whipped on the bum for bar antics

For bad behaviour that would have made even his young students blush, a primary school teacher started the week with a sore bottom after Maun Customary Court sentenced him to six strokes of the cane for common nuisance.

36-year-old Ntsholetsang Mothokaesi, who has a two-month-old baby at home, was whipped on the bare buttocks for his unruly, drunken actions at Delta Bar on Saturday 22 July.

As well as harassing patrons, Motlhokaesi, a teacher at Moremi Primary School, also brandished a knife and screwdriver at the drinking spot’s owner, Mosimanegape Lucas.

Demanding compensation, the 52-year-old bar owner revealed he had organised a pool tournament on the day in question, which he claimed Motlhokaesi ruined.

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“There were four teams participating in the tournament. The whole afternoon he harassed the players and even grabbed and drank their beers without their consent,” explained Lucas.

The teacher’s behavior got continually worse, with Motlhokaesi later removing his shirt and walking around half naked.

“We reminded him that it was public indecency and against the law to do so. I later called his cousin who managed to calm him for a while,” continued the barman.

Lucas told court all was well until later in the evening, when Motlhokaesi, who lives next door to the bar, returned, clutching a knife and screwdriver.

“I was outside the bar selling food at my car. When I saw him trying to enter the bar with the weapons I approached him and asked him what he wanted to do with those. He responded in fury, ‘Do you want me to use them on you instead?’”

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Retreating in fear for his life, Lucas called the police.

Before the cops could arrive, however, a Special Support Group (SSG) vehicle passed by and a relieved Lucas hailed them over.

“At the time Mothokaesi was nonsensically pricking the poles of the shade net where the tournament was held with a knife. The SSG officers disarmed him and confiscated the weapons.”

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Lucas maintained that he had to close the food stall and follow Mothokaesi to the police station to open a case and in the process lost at least P1, 200 in potential food sales.

“We returned late from the police and potential buyers were gone. I ended up throwing away the food because it was spoilt. I had paid for the tournament and because of him I made losses,” claimed the complainant, seeking P1, 200 reimbursement.

Having initially pleaded not-guilty, after hearing Lucas’ testimony, Mothokaesi changed tact and admitted he was at fault.

He denied threatening the other man with the weapons, however, insisting he had been using them to reset a satellite dish at home and forgot they were in his pocket.

“I explained this to Lucas at the bar,” he added.

Nonetheless, the shamed-faced educator agreed brandishing sharp objects that could be deemed as weapons in a public place was an illegal act.

In mitigation, Mothokaesi told court he was the father of a new born baby and was a bread-winner for the child, its mother and for his siblings.

Facing a possible one-year prison sentence, Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo saw fit to save the accused from the slammer.

The chief also chose not to hit Mothokaesi in the pocket, dismissing the compensation claim.

However, while his freedom and bank balance were spared, the teacher’s bottom was not and he was sentenced to six of the best – “As a reminder to mend his ways and act like the leader he ought to be,” explained Kgosi Ledimo.

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