Taximan narrates hijack ordeal
SHOT: Seramokgwe

Ramotswa taxi driver, Jacob Seramokgwe, is lucky to be alive after he was hijacked and shot last Tuesday morning.

Narrating the harrowing ordeal from his Princess Marina hospital bed where he is nursing multiple gunshots he suffered on his leg, the 39-year-old Seramokgwe said it all started when he gave two young men a ride near the library in Ramotswa at around 6am.

“One was wearing a black jacket while the other was wearing a brown jacket and they told me that they wanted to go to Metro shopping centre. When I arrived at Metro where I intended to make a u-turn, the two tried to convince me to drop them by Bolux Milling as they said they worked there, but I refused and that was when the scuffle began,” he said.

The wounded taxi-driver said immediately after asking the two men to get out of his car, the brown jacket man pointed a pistol at him, ordering him to keep driving.

He said he refused and told them to take his car instead of killing him.

β€œThe one who pointed a gun at me instructed his friend to open the door so that I move to the passenger seat. I had a steering-lock metal rod in my hand which I used to hit the black jacket man who was also armed with a pistol,” he said.

The brave Seramokgwe said the man lost balance and fell to the ground and accidentally dropped the pistol.

“I tried to strangle him but I stopped when I heard gun shots. The brown jacket man aimed at my thigh and shot me three times and I let go of his friend. That was when they jumped into the car and sped off, ” he said and added that he was rescued by villagers who reported the hijacking incident to the police.

Seramokgwe pointed to a picture of wanted armed robbery suspect Adolphus Mogakolodi Legae that is circulating on social media as the brown jacket man who shot him during the hijack incident.

Legae who is facing numerous armed robbery and rape charges was this week arrested in South Africa and police have confirmed that he is awaiting extradition back to Botswana.

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