Tawana vs Tawana land board

Chief lodges fraud case with the police

Member of Parliament for Maun West, Kgosi Tawana Moremi has lodged a fraud case with the police against Tawana Land Board (TLB).

The MP who is also the Batawana paramount chief is accusing the Land Board executive of furnishing board members with wrong information concerning the ownership of Moremi Game Reserve in a bid to fraudulently transfer three sites in the Okavango delta and Moremi Game Reserve into Tourism Land Bank on January 08th.

One of the three sites that was to be clandestinely transferred was to be allocated by government to the British Billionaire Sir Richard Brandon, it has emerged.

When addressing a fully packed kgotla meeting at Batawana main kgotla on Monday, Tawana said indications are that fraudulent documents were availed to board members during a board meeting on January 08th this year.

The documents falsely stated that Fauna Conservation Society held Moremi Game Reserve on behalf of Tawana Land board.

One of the Ngamiland Advisory board members, Keith Diako interviewed by this publication on the sidelines of the meeting stated that the executive board deliberately released false information to the Land Board in an effort to mislead them into facilitating an illegal land transfer.

Diako stated that in their documentation, the executive of Tawana Land Board lied that the Batawana tribe had handed to the Land Board total ownership of Moremi Game Reserve while the truth of the matter is that Batawana handed over only the administration and management duties.

The fraudulent land transference plot was however foiled this year by tribesmen on a quest to acquire certain sites within the game reserve for community use.

Kgosi Tawana has always argued that Moremi Game Reserve is a private Game Reserve and challenged government to produce records to prove its claim that it reached an agreement with the community to relinquish their (community)’s natural resources rights to government in 1979.

Tawana Land Board Executive did not attend the meeting.

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