Tawana decries sabotage

MP for Maun West motions and questions omitted from order paper

Member of Parliament for Maun West, Kgosi Tawana Moremi has expressed frustration and exasperation at the apparent sabotage by the removal of his motions and questions from the order paper.

When debating a motion calling on government to carry out land audit by Ramotswa’s Member of Parliament, Samuel Rantuana on Friday, Tawana lashed out at the speaker of parliament, demanding answers on why his questions did not appear in the order paper although he had submitted them.

Although the Deputy Speaker, Kagiso Molatlhegi instructed Tawana to withdraw his statements, the MP told The Voice in an interview that two of his motions, which touched on irregularities on land allocation had been expunged from the order paper.

“Some of the harmless questions and motions made it to the floor of parliament while those critical ones that were about land and tourism were left out. Those are very sensitive issues that I had wanted parliament to discuss. This has been going on for two years now, “ Tawana lamented.

He said that every time he asked for clarity on the omission he was told that his submissions were late, despite having submitted on the same day as the motions that made it.

Speaking out about how the discriminatory treatment he got from parliament frustrated him; the MP said at the end of each session it looked like he didn’t contribute anything.

“I have taken a decision not to confront them because every time I do that I find myself at the mental centre. It is their evil strategy to have me admitted at Sbrana,” he said.

He also highlighted that being an independent MP also had its negative impact on his performance because he cannot caucus with anyone.

“Some of the MPs shun my motions or cannot help me just because I am an independent MP,” he sobbed.

Meanwhile a source from Office of Parliament who happens to be close to where motions and questions are printed has confirmed that Tawana’s allegations were true.

“The team that works on motions has been time and again instructed to remove his questions and motions from the order paper because they were sensitive and they rubbed some leaders the wrong way, ” the source said adding that most of those motions and questions were about land allocation and management of tourism in Maun and Okavango areas.

“It is unfortunate for him but his motions were going to bring out a lot of things that people need to know,” the source claimed.

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