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Tattoo, what tattoo?

Tattoo, what tattoo?

Arone Denies Khama body ink rumours

Member of Parliament for Okavango Constituency, Bagalatia Arone, has dismissed allegations that he has been going around gossiping about President Ian Khama’s ‘tattoos’ as petty talk.

Arone was referring to comments made by his former party’s President, Dumelang Saleshando, during the Botswana Congress Party’s launch of Kenny Kapinga in Shakawe over the weekend.

According to Saleshando, prior to his defection, Arone confided in some of his friends about Khama having tattoos.

The BCP President said that when the ‘tattoo news’ reached him, he knew that Arone’s days within the party were numbered.

“I confronted him, asking for a meeting to discuss Okavango issues. We agreed to meet in the afternoon but when I called his phone was off.”

Saleshando said that his suspicions were confirmed when he later discovered that Arone was seen with President Khama at the airport.

“I started to wonder what the two had in common because as far as I knew they were people with different likes. Arone is married and HE is not, Arone doesn’t do bikes while Khama does; that left me wondering.”

Continuing his verbal attack on his former ally, Saleshando revealed that an Okavango councillor overheard Arone talking about Khama’s tattoos.

“I don’t know how he got to see those tattoos,” said Saleshando, mischievously adding that Arone was short of presents to give to Khama and so he decided to gift him the constituency by changing parties.

The BCP man further disclosed that as party leaders they took the decision not to dismiss Arone from the party.

“We didn’t want people to point at us so we decided to let him do as he pleases,” he explained.

When contacted, Arone dismissed the issue as petty talk by frustrated BCP members.

“I cannot control their frustrations; I have a new life and I owe them nothing,” he said.

When asked if he had seen or discussed Khama’s alleged ink, Arone replied that he had no idea.

“Ke tlontlokwane, how do HE’s tattoos benefit the country, my focus is to develop my area,” he said