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Swindler nabbed

Swindler nabbed
BUSTED: Baitshephi Motlhankgapholo


A con artist targeting prospective tenants on Facebook to swindle them out of their rental money appeared before Kgosi Alfred Dihutso of Mogoditshane Kgotla on Wednesday.

Baitshephi Motlhankgapholo from Molapowabojang, sat shame faced before the court and pleaded guilty immediately to a charge of obtaining by false pretense.

Motlhankgapholo, 24 had swindled Joseph Tsienyane (35) of P1600.00 on Sunday the court heard.

Evidence in court indicated that on August 06, Baitshephi convinced Tsienyane through Facebook chats that she had a house available to rent in Mogoditshane.

The two exchanged contact numbers and met for Tsienyane to pay the first monthly rent for a house that turned out not to be Baitshepi’s.

When addressing court, the prosecutor, Gaofenngwe Mokereitane said the accused person’s finger prints are not yet ready, and pleaded with the court to keep Baitshephi locked up to wait for trial in prison because there were suspicions that she might have committed similar offences before, which various police stations were investigating.

Swindler nabbed
SWINDLED: Joseph Tsienyane

In an interview with The Voice, Tsienyane said he looked for the woman and handed her to the police after he had realized that he had been duped.

He revealed that when he wanted to move in, the real owners of the house told him that the woman he was with previously was not the owner, instead she had said to them that she was bringing her “boyfriend” to come see the house first and negotiate monthly rentals.

“All I want from this woman is a refund of my hard earned cash. The law will take its cause,” he said. The case continues on August 22nd.