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Suspension, what suspension?

Suspension, what suspension?
NWDC CHAIR: Duncan Enga

BDP councilors clueless about their suspension

Following the much publicised suspension of two Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillors from Maun East constituency for defying a party caucus decision, the civic leaders have claimed ignorance about the alleged suspensions.

The councilors are newly elected North West District Council Chairman, Duncan Enga and Deputy Chairman of Maun Sub Council, Vepaune Moreti.

The two recently, during the council’s leadership elections contested against their colleagues, Reaboka Mbulawa and Nico Folae despite the two having outnumbered them at a party caucus.

Enga then defeated Mbulawa for the chairmanship while Moreti defeated Folae for the deputy chairmanhip of Maun Sub Council.

In an interview with The Voice, the councilor for Gxhabara ward, Moreti said he was not aware about the suspension, adding that he was never summoned for any disciplinary hearing by the party leadership.

“Those people are still recovering from defeat. There is no such suspension,” Moreti said.

Thamalakane North Councilor Duncan Enga also said he has never received any letter from the BDP notifying him about his suspension.

“I only hear rumors that I have been suspended but I personally am not aware of that.”

When reached for comment, BDP North West Regional Chairman, Eagilwe Modiesaemang, also shared the same response that his office has never received any correspondence about the suspension of the two councilors.

“I cannot confirm or deny anything because we don’t know anything relating to the suspension of the said councilors,” explained Modisaemang.

A letter however seen by The Voice signed by BDP Executive Secretary, Merapelo Moloise addressed to the North West Regional Committee reads:

This letter serves to inform the North West Regional Committee that the following Party Members have been suspended,

1. Councilor Duncan Enga

2. Councilor Vepaune Moreti

The Party President has received your report and the report from the Youth Wing Chairman on the proceedings of the Party caucus for the North West District Council elections of Chairman and all Sub Councils and Administrative Authorities held on 07th May 2017.

The reports indicated that the above two councilors were not confirmed at the party caucus as BDP candidates.

They however accepted nomination and contested for Chairmanship against confirmed party candidates.

To this end the two councilors have been suspended pending disciplinary hearings to respond to allegations and findings against them, as contained in the reports.

During their suspensions, they will not take part in party activities.