Suspected drug dealer pleads guilty

A suspected Old Naledi drug dealer pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful possession of dagga when he appeared before Extension II Magistrate on Wednesday.

Court heard that on December 29th last year, Old Naledi police officers caught 23-year-old Wabo Thokozane with 330.1g, 17.2g and 5.7g of a green substance suspected to be marijuana.

Thokozane was busted during a drug raid led by the Director of Crime Intelligence, Nunu Lesetedi.

The substance was found in brown cellotaped packages under an old car canopy in the yard, in Keabetswe Thokozane’s closet and in a cornflakes box in his room.

During the arrest Thokozane allegedly admitted that he sold dagga for a living.

The packages were sent to the forensic laboratory for analysis where it was confirmed it was dagga.

It was also sent to Botswana Bureau of Standards to confirm the weight. The accused person has been on bail since last year.

After the facts were read to him, Thokozane told the court that he understood them and pleaded guilty to all counts and that he was not authorized to possess illegal drugs.

The exhibition of dagga was done outside court after Magistrate Ntombizodwa Ncube said the last time she had a similar case and the packages were unwrapped in court people were affected and some complained of headache.

State Prosecutor, Peter Tapela Simisani asked the magistrate to allow him to take Thokozane’s finger prints to check if he did not have previous offences before the case could go for mitigation.

Magistrate Ncube conceded to Simisani’s request and continuation of the case was set for Friday the 21st of June, when Thokozane is scheduled to appear for mitigation and sentencing.

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