Leopard prints, cropped tops, colour, 16inch Aldos and Jeffrey Campbells, these are some of the signature looks by Batswana students in Malaysia.
We saw the need to pen down and compliment these gorgeous fros for holding it down style wise. Whatever your style identity is, embrace it.
I may not like your style and you may not like mine but who cares?
The best way to become confident style wise is to be comfortable in your own personal style and not being too preoccupied with possible rejections.
The resistance will come, just refuse to back down. Dress as you see fit. You will be able to strut yourself with your head held up high knowing that you didn’t change your tune to the beat of another’s drum.
As we always say fashion is what brings us together; style is what separates us’.

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Chris M

Hands down, our girls are beautiful! My mission is to find girl number 6! LOL!