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Straight talk with Molokwe

Straight talk with Molokwe

A licenced pilot with a diploma in Aircraft operation, Daniel Otsile Molokwe is used to flying high.

The gentle, mild-mannered man, who is a qualified Aircraft Accident Investigator, now hopes to scale heights of a different sort – he has entered the cloudy world of politics.

Molokwe will stand for the Botswana Democratic Public in next month’s (February 11th) Rasesa by-election to fill the vacant councillor post left by the late Seasebeng Monyake, who was killed in a car crash last year.

If elected, the proud Motswana has vowed to dedicate himself to serving the community he grew up in.

The Voice journalist, Onneile Setlalekgosi sat down with the would-be councillor to further unknot his political ambition.
Q. Dumela Rre Molokwe, why politics instead of focusing on aircrafts?

I used to be a branch secretary for Rasesa ward since 2009, so I have worked closely with the previous late councillor.

Immediately after her passing, party elders held meetings in Rasesa to come up with a candidate who could continue the term.

Based on my visible community work, I was chosen as the right candidate.

Q. When will you be officially launched as the ward candidate, and what does it mean to you?

The launch will be held on January 28. It’s good to be trusted within the community I grew up in – I really appreciate my community.

Q. In recent years, Rasesa has struggled with severe water shortages. Should you win the by-elections, how are you going to assist the community in availing water?

For the two years, I will make a follow up and engage relevant people to avail water. Residents mostly depend on borehole water – drainage systems also need to be developed.

I recently consulted them but unfortunately they dismissed me, asking me who I was. I think it will be much easier if I become councillor.

I also intend to encourage residents to harvest rainwater.

I believe the water can be beneficial to farms nearer the village.

Q. In your view, do you think the BDP will retain the ward?

Although we took the ward from opposition during the 2014 general election, I think the party will surely retain the seat.

The seat was won with 717 votes, with the opposition scooping around 300 votes.

Q. Research has indicated that Rasesa suffers from a high crime rate. What do you have planned for the youth?

I like seeing people happy. For the youth, I have previously assisted many to access government youth funds.

Out of the total population of Rasesa, unemployed youths make up the biggest contingent.

I will mentor them in creating jobs so that they hire others.

The majority of residents buy most of their groceries and valuables from Mochudi – youths are the ones who can change this lifestyle habit by venturing into different businesses.

Q. So who are you up against?

So you want me to campaign for others. Hahaha, it’s a Botswana Congress (BCP) candidate, Tshenolo Busang.

We are good friends though! I am surprised to be contesting the same ward with him.

Q. We wish you both the best of luck for the upcoming by-election.

Thank you so much.