Storyteller redefined

Ntshole telling BW’S authentic stories

For close to two decades she was the darling of the airwaves.

Her infectious laugh won her many admirers as her star grew within Botswana’s entertainment circles. Tshepo Ntshole, 38 however, gave it all up to follow her passion for storytelling.

“Don’t get me wrong, I loved being on air. Live radio has an indescribable charm and allure, as there are no second takes. It is exhilarating and keeps one on their toes. However to grow, one needs to explore different avenues and seek new thrills,” She says with a smile.

To celebrate her 38th birthday, which falls on International Women’s Day, Ntshole finally shared her new path of storytelling through film.

“Storytelling is what I was born to do- whether through an event or radio presenting. This is just a new way of telling stories. A more powerful way I feel. We have so many beautiful stories that need to be shared with the world and I’m just playing my part in trying to tell them,” says the astute businesswoman trading under Sixpence Group, a company that provides event management, content creation and publishing.

Ntshole started the company back 2005 when she produced Miss Botswana of that year.

It was however a side gig until she left radio in 2016 and made a decision to give it her full attention.

“It has been quite a journey and I am ecstatic to finally be sharing all the hard work we have put in with the world,” says Ntshole

She further explains that although many have been inspired and certainly motivated by outside influences, the time is ripe to share the authentic local stories told by other equally able and talented Batswana.

“ We have come a long way and there are so many that are doing amazing work. The spotlight ought to be shone on them and have the world marvel at our stories as well,” says the woman whose company has partnered with another storyteller and editor, Moses Maruping to launch Unplugged TV, which debuted on Friday coinciding with the launch of a YouTube channel.

“The launch of the YouTube channel is us saying that there is more amazing content to come from Sixpence Media. We are learning everyday but I think the time is now for us to take people along on the journey with. Laugh with us, cry with us and even criticize if you have to. We are also working on getting our work on international platforms as well but that is for long term. For now, we are just having fun with it. There will be somewhere I am in front of the camera and some where I will be behind the scenes – What my team and I hope for is that, it is all content that moves you and that speaks to you and content that reflects back the positive images of who we are as Batswana.

“Unplugged’s aim is to entertain and also create our own stars. Again reflecting positive images of our society back to our viewers. We want to be able to share light and fun moments with our viewer but also leave them with something to be proud of. The team I have worked with has been phenomenal,” she says.

Storyteller redefined
DETERMINED: Tshepo Ntshole

One of Ntshole’s highlight so far as a businesswoman was her invite to New York for a Storytelling Summit “It brought together the brightest minds in the fields of advertising, television, traditional media, technology and Social Media to gather and learn from each other. The most insightful and eye opening experiences of my life and I think that is where I feel the universe confirmed for me that I was on the right path. “

Another highlight however was the first airing of her new TV show last week Friday.

“I couldn’t help thinking that from having an idea in your head to getting a team together to having a final and tangible product is one of the most amazing processes one can go through and again this was validation for me. In more ways than one,” gushes Ntshole

Although she is a workaholic, Ntshole cherishes her roles as a mother to her beautiful daughter she is raising with her partner.

Divulging secrets of her success to managing her hectic schedule and keeping a healthy balance between work and play she says, “I am a detail person and I can drive people crazy! I am organized in how my day has to run and how we run the household. I make lists of everything. Seriously though, since becoming a mom and being part of a loving and supportive relationship I find that I FEEL a lot more. I’m more empathetic and more patient with the process. Whatever process it is… whether it be dealing with work, my daughter or my partner so one can say that I am a lot more grounded hence focussed on being my very best. To relax she say; “ Doing anything and being with people that make my soul dance and make me laugh- belly up!

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