Honestly, there are a couple of bad habits that will continue to make young people poor for a long long time.

The pressure sometimes gets too much and it’s like we are drawn into the spiral web of debt. I know last week I talked about being debt free the coming year but my older brother thinks it’s a long shot …but it’s worth a try, right?

Apparently, there is currently a big problem of us young people slowly digging our own graves by taking advances against salaries at work! As tempting as this might be, I think it’s the quickest way to eternal debt. I am not sitting on my high horse and claiming to be debt free and throwing everyone who does not comply with the gutter.

I am trying to reach out and in the process healing myself and trying to save myself. Frankly, I am totally against salary advances unless of course it’s an emergency where you need to attend to death or a life changing situation. I know that some people are really in too deep and I might not be able to understand, but those of you who can still be salvaged, it is not too late to resist the edge.

Most importantly, we do this to simply keep up with the Jones’s! Unbelievably we simply never think about what it takes to keep the grass greener on the other side! Do you ever think of how much the water bill might be to keep the lawn green next door?  I just wish we could all accept that we are not all equal just like in animal farm; some animals are richer, wealthier and more successful than others. Interestingly, the people round us that we might be competing with are themselves in debt! You spend your time wondering how he/she affords it. The truth is he/she can’t!

The thing is, most organisations started the whole salary advance thing in good faith and we have abused the scheme because we cannot manage our lives.

The truth is it might not be possible to be ever debt free, but surely there are ways to stay clear or and approach debt with a clear and healthy risk appetite.

I think that we can at least do something about it all. The truth is, just like a drug addict, there will be high and low moments but what makes you different from the next addict is your ability to stand through and deny yourself unnecessary expenditures.  Happy festive everyone …let the fun begin!!!

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