We stand by Pastor Mogomotsi- AFM church
HOPEFUL: Koosimile

Church elder says murder accused pastor went to see an eye specialist in SA

A medley of damming allegations continues to pile against Apostolic Faith Mission murder accused Pastor, Mooketsi Mogomotsi but his church is not moved.

This week, Mogomotsi who is suspected to have hired killers to eliminate his wife sometime in December, made headline news for being caught at the Ramatlabama border post in the company of relatives using fake travelers documents.

Although some sources within the police service claim the dubious pastor was allegedly returning from a court mention in South Africa for a drunken driving charge in that country, the same sources failed to provide the newspaper with the case number and the court in SA so we can confirm the allegation, resorting to anger instead when pushed for details.

The sources however further mentioned that the many countries that the pastor had visited in the past, which included Pakistan and other war torn countries, had raised suspicions that he could have been involved in criminal activity.

Speaking to The Voice about the pastor’s temporary detention at Ramatlabama border post, Superintendent Zibani Mbisani confirmed that Pastor Mogomotsi was detained for a day at the police station after his cousin Keleagetse Mogomotsi presented a false traveling document at the border.

“We do not have any case against the AFM pastor, because he did not violate his bail conditions and his travelling documents were in order. We only held him for questioning as he was in the company of people who used fake travelling documents,” said Zibani.

Despite several skeletons tumbling out of the pastor’s closet every week, including rumours spread by eye witness that the man of the cloth was seen chewing muti at the border when he was arrested, the AFM president, Jobe Koosimile said the AFM church still supports Pastor Mogomotsi and that it will continue to offer him pastoral support and treat him as innocent until proven guilty.

Chronicling the church history with Mogomotsi, Koosimile revealed that the accused pastor ‘gave his life to the Lord in 1989. He joined the church as a young person, at the age of 15 years. He later received the call of the Lord and in the year 2000, he was sent for Pastoral training and obtained a Diploma in Theology from Living Waters Theological Seminary in Zimbabwe.”

In 2001, Mogomotsi was ordained a pastor and in 2008 he obtained Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Divinity with Nations University and Masters in Theology in 2010, through correspondence.

We stand by Pastor Mogomotsi- AFM church
NOT SERVING: Mogomotsi

When asked if he is aware of Pastor Mogomotsi’s previous trips abroad, Koosimile revealed that in 2016, the pastor obtained a Doctorate in Theology at Indiana University in the United States of America.

He travelled to America last year to defend his thesis, Koosimile revealed.

“AFM exists in many Countries, we work together and visit other countries, Mogomotsi was part of the delegation that visited Pakistan to preach the Gospel,” said Koosimile who went on to rubbish rumors of the alleged driving under the influence (DUI) charge in SA against their man of God and said the church knew he had an appointment with an eye specialist instead.

“We only know that ‘Moruti’ is very famous in Kgatleng as a marriage officiator for the Government’s ‘Re a Nyalana’ initiative.

He remains innocent until proven guilty, and although he is currently not actively serving in church he has not been officially suspended.

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