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Stanbic Empowers Young Professionals

Stanbic Empowers Young Professionals
BUSINESS MINDED: BCR team with Stanbic Head of Marketing

Stanbic Bank Botswana has expressed its commitment towards empowering young professionals and working towards a more diverse and active professional community.

The bank has remained steadfast in its efforts to share insight and information that can help young professionals move further forward in their career aspirations.

This was the sentiment shared by the Stanbic Bank when sponsoring the Botswana Careers Roundtable (BCR) engagement held recently.

Botswana Careers Roundtable (BCR) is a series of serial events that have allowed established corporate leaders an opportunity to meet and build relationships.

The platform further enables attendees to explore career paths with junior professionals in Botswana.

Following involvement of the Bank’s leadership and management at a number of smaller engagements, Stanbic Bank since committed to playing an even greater role in growing the BCR platform.

Speaking at the gathering of about 100 of Botswana’s top senior and junior corporates, Stanbic Bank Botswana’s Head of Global Markets, Lesego Osman said, “As Stanbic Bank Botswana, we are passionate and resolute in our desire to move our country forward; this includes engaging and inspiring our youth, and helping them to make meaningful progress in their career efforts.

This is a platform that not only speaks to career aspirations, but working towards empowering young professionals to be future leaders.”

The theme for the engagement, “Aligning career with purpose” continues to explore themes and conversations from previous, smaller engagements held to date.

The engagement is open to an exclusive network that consists of thought leaders in corporate as well as passionate and motivated junior professionals who are poised to take up management positions in the next 3–5 years.

“This is a great platform for future leaders to engage with and learn from established corporate leaders. We are honored to be associated with a large financial institution such as Stanbic Bank to participate in this year’s event. Interacting and working with groups of passionate and courageous future leaders of Botswana is a privilege and an honour, for we are able to create networking opportunity for common interests and experiences to make a real impact. We are committed to ensuring that the event improves the lives of the participants,” said Biggie Tangane, Team Leader, Botswana Careers Roundtable.