Spare us your bitterness uncle Bob
ANGRY: Robert Mugabe

So former president Robert Mugabe now thinks he can preach about democracy, freedom of speech, free and fair elections and that the army should be apolitical.

How fast Uncle Bob forgets or maybe he thinks many of us have such short memories. Oh well, we shall never forget.

In a meeting with the African Union Commission Chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat last Wednesday and during his 94th birthday dinner on Saturday, a clearly bitter Mugabe berated, the Emmerson Mnangagwa administration saying it was an illegitimate government which had no regard for the rule of the law.

He reportedly spoke ill of the army saying it had taken over the government and Zanu PF.

Mugabe forgets that he cheered the service chiefs on when they declared that they will never salute a leader without war credentials.

This was in reference to the late opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai when it became apparent that he would win elections in 2008.

He forgets that he clearly said Zimbabwe was liberated through war and not the ballot and thus the army should always play a role in the country’s political affairs.

He forgets that he, together with his cabal robbed the late Tsvangirai of electoral victory and denied him the chance to rule this country yet he today wants to talk about free and fair elections.

He forgets that a number of people were jailed for criticising him and saying he must step-down as he was old.

Then today that same Mugabe wants to talk about how Zimbabwe has lost its democracy, how people are no longer free to express themselves and how the army erred in involving itself in Zanu PF affairs.

Now that he is no longer the president, he wants to tell us that elections will not be free and fair because of the army involvement.

Were they ever free? Mugabe forgets that he once ran a one-man race after Tsvangirai pulled out of elections due to violence unleashed on opposition supporters by the very same army that he is criticising today.

We know you are a bitter old man, so please spare us your bitterness, Uncle Bob.

What I also found amusing about Mugabe’s ranting is the revelation that former first lady, Grace Mugabe is now a cry baby who cries everyday because the family is being persecuted from all angles.

Part of the alleged persecution is the arrest and questioning of University of Zimbabwe vice chancellor on allegations of abuse of office involving the awarding of a Doctor of Philosophy degree to Grace.

For all we know, the former first lady is far from being counted among intellectuals yet she has that doctorate.

So I am sure she now cries everyday because the powers that she used to get that doctorate are no more and the thought of not being called Dr Grace drives her nuts.

But of course, no doubt she misses the numerous government sponsored trips and shopping in the first world high end shops.

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