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Son, please come home for Christmas



Mother of missing man pleads with him to return

What a Christmas to have the blues!

An ailing old woman’s son is gone and no one to wish her Merry Christmas.

With a heavy heart the distraught old woman from Serowe whose son disappeared into thin air after an argument with his wife on the 1st of December desperately wants him to return home by Christmas Day.

Her failing eyes cast down, Leah Mothomogolo (89) said; “My son please come home to your mother for Christmas. I don’t sleep at all. I sit all night thinking about you and wondering if you are alright wherever you are.”

Mothomogolo’s son, Motshware Mothomogolo (53), well known as Bashi, of Makolojane ward in Serowe allegedly had an argument with his wife and complained of her nagging before disappearing without a trace on December 1st.

The missing man’s cousin, Lute Joel Gulubane, 55 said Motshware who owns Setlogelwa bar drove off after a heated argument with his wife Godiramang Mothomogolo.

He then abandoned the car at his (Gulubane” house before storming away.

“While we were still wondering where he might have disappeared to his wife told his brother that he had stormed off after a fight. Apparently he said he was tired of her nagging and that he needed some rest,” Gulubane said.

Gulubane further revealed that when Mothomogolo’s alleged mistress arrived from South Africa Godiramang, confronted her looking for her husband but she too didn’t know where he had dissapered to.


“The two women ended up at the police station where the alleged mistress told the police that she last spoke to him before she left for SA to attend a course,” he said

Contacted for comment, Godiramang denied that she ever had an argument with her husband.

“Since we met, my husband has never laid a hand on me. People want to drag my name in the mud and you should get a comment from the one who gave you my number,” she shouted.

Later on this reporter tried again and she said; “Just leave him he wants to stay where he is. Leave me alone please.” After that she didn’t pick up her phone.

Acting Serowe Station Commander, Assistant Superintendent Patrick Molefhe confirmed that they were still searching for a man who went missing at the beginning of December.

He said the missing man was reportedly upset when he left home following an argument with his wife.

“The search party started from where he left his car and followed his shoe print but unfortunately it started to rain. We searched the outskirts of the village and neighbouring cattle posts without any success and we are still looking,” said the cop.

Asked what he thought might have happened to the missing man, Molefhe said; “We cannot speculate on that but if it was suicide his body would have been found by now.”

Responding to the family’s complaint that they didn’t seem to give much priority to the case he said; “ We give feedback to the wife because she is the one who reported him missing. If anyone has any information, they should come forward because we cannot act without information.”