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He sold me an accident wreck!

He sold me an accident wreck!

I bought a second hand car two months ago from someone, it’s a Nissan Bakkie NP200 1.5.

The car was advertised in the advertiser and when I met the seller I asked him why he was selling the car but he said he was selling because he needed some money for his business.

I also asked him if the car had never been involved in an accident he also said “no”.

I ended up buying this car from him and just last week on Friday I sent the car for service to Supreme Nissan in Zeerust and unfortunately they could not service the car because they discovered that it had been involved in a terrible accident so it’s in a mess and they alleged it could stop any time as whoever was fixing it did not do a good job.

Is there anything I can do as I think I have been robbed. I need your advice.

I’m really sorry for your trouble. Unfortunately, the second-hand car market has more than its fair share of crooks, liars and cheats. You seem to have encountered a particularly bad one.

Many times when you buy a second-hand car you’ll see in the sale agreement or on the receipt the word “voetstoots” or maybe “as seen” or “as is”.

That a way for the seller of the car to say the buyer accepts the car in exactly the condition it’s in and that no promises are made about the state of the vehicle.

I think we all understand that, it’s up to buyers to inspect the car and satisfy themselves before they hand over their money.

However, that doesn’t allow the buyer to deceive you.

If you asked him whether the car had been in an accident and he lied to you then he’s a lying, cheating crook.

I suggest that you go to the Police and tell them you want to lay a charge of “obtaining by false pretence” against him.

You can quote Section 308 of the Penal Code (“Obtaining by false pretence”) to the Police if they need advice.

Alternatively, you can lay a charge of cheating, contrary to Section 310 of the Penal Code (“Cheating”).

Either way you need to stress to the Police that he lied to you when he sold you the vehicle and that you need them to understand how seriously you’re taking this. Don’t let this guy get away with it.

Let me know how it goes.