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Sober fun is possible!

Every year BOSASNet sets aside one calendar month to commemorate the Substance Abuse Awareness Month (SAAM).This year SAAM is commemorated under the theme: “Sober is Cool: Rise above the Influence”.The month campaign is targeting youth aged 13-20 years.

The highlight of the month was Substance Free Fun Day which was held last Saturday (23rd August 2014).

The goal of the event was to promote “sober fun”. BOSASNet does not only encourage sobriety amongst the youth, but also advocates for individuals to live and enjoy life without the use of substances.

The Substance Free Fun Day this year was attended by approximately 200 young people.

It was a fun filled day which included dance competitions, play station soccer game, creative T-shirt competitions, drama, poetry, karaoke, piñatas and music performances by different artists. Some-of-the-participants

In a brief interview with the youth who attended, Patience stated that the event was fun and educational.

She said, “I have learnt about other drugs such as glue, but you need to include messages about misuse of prescription medications during such events”.

Morekolodi stated, “It was wonderful, I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the impact of drugs on us the youth from the drama”.

Walya said, “It was fun; I especially liked the karaoke and the creative T-shirt completion”.

Sober fun day was made possible by Trade World, Ministry of Health, O3, Community Support Group Members and Friends of BOSASNet, YOHO, Creative Waves, All Things Inflatable and BOSASNet Volunteers who supported the events with essentials for the day.

If you are looking to ease the transition back to a healthy, sober lifestyle contact BOSASNet to inquire on services offered at 3959119 or 72659891, alternatively find BOSASNet on Facebook, or visit the BOSASNet website @ www.bosasnet.com for more information on SAAM (upcoming events and activities).