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Snake strikes grandpa to death

CONCERNED: Supt Leposo INSET: Cobra

Police in Francistown have confirmed the death of an 80-year-old man who was bitten by a snake at Shashemooke cattle post.

Superintendent Edward Leposo of Gerald Police station told The Voice that the old man met his fate while he was sleeping in his hut.

“The deceased was found by his relatives and was confirmed dead upon arrival at the hospital,” said Leposo adding that they found a long snake suspected to be a cobra.

The police chief said they managed to kill the snake and he urged people to protect themselves against snakes.

Leposo said due to the current heatwave snakes tend to seek refuge in cooler places including people’s homes.

“It is very hot so these snakes also want to be in a cooler environment, thus people should always apply snake repellents to keep snakes and other dangerous species away,” added Leposo.


1. Avoid leaving windows open for too long. Cobras and Mambas can reach heights that are very high.

2. Avoid leaving your front doors open for fresh air in the evenings. These reptiles are absolutely stealthy. You won’t hear or see them go inside your house.

3. Before sitting under the tree that has a kind of cooling shade, check the branches that there are no snakes lurking in them.

4. Check your beds and surroundings before you go to bed, cobras are very notorious in hiding under the sheets.

5. Avoid the age old trend of liking to chill outside the house, with mattresses, mats and wrappers in the evening. Most reptiles are nocturnal (They hunt at night and are very much effective)

6. Not only snakes might bite you, but also the age old human enemy; the centipede (Mosithaphala), which is fast and very venomous.

7. Clear bushes round your houses. They attract rats and mice which are the favourite snacks of most dangerous snakes.

8. Buy snake repellent powder and sprinkle round your compound.