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Slow down Mr Ps

Slow down Mr Ps
Slow down Mr Ps


Word on the streets is that there is a certain ‘speedy’ Deputy Permanent Secretary whose daughter has enrolled with an accounting institution in Francistown.

Apparently the DPS’ daughter is walking all over everyone including lecturers just because her daddy has her back.

Those who have been at the receiving end of this bully in the making say the spoilt brat can do as she pleases and anyone who dares touch her will hear from daddy DPS.

Apparently the dad can drive all the way from Gabs to confront lecturers including college staff about whatever his daughter had told him.

Well Mr DPS, obviously you seem to have nothing to do, if you have time to be bullied by your own daughter.

She only tells you about her college experiences, but I bet she never mentions her Area L escapades.

You and your daughter need to grow up.