Skinflint ready to rock USA

Fresh from touring Europe with Tarja Turunen as support acts for her shadow shows, local heavy metal band Skinflint have been booked to perform in the United States of America alongside Soulfly, an American band formed in 1997. Also in the tour’s line-up are Incite and Kataklysm.

Led by former Brazilian band Sepultura’s frontman, Max Cavalera, Soulfly’s music revolves around religious themes, politics, spirituality, war, slavery and many more topical issues facing the world today.

The group has toured with some of the notable names in the genre, including Megadeath, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Ozzy Osborne and Pantera.

All six of their albums debuted on the US Billboard 200, with peak position at number 32 for the second album Primitive.

Similar to Skinflint, who are known for their mythologically rich Afro-inspired style, Soulfly are famous for their distinctive Brazilian tribal sound.

The 19th-26th February tour next year will further raise the local band’s growing international profile following their successful tour with Tarja.

The Finnish singing sensation pioneered what is now known as ‘Opera metal’ together with her former band Nightwish.

BRAZILIAN INFLUENCE: Soulfly front man Max Cavaler

Since its formation in 2006, Skinflint has continued to win over global audiences with their unique brand of heavy metal.

Their style, rooted in African customs, has attracted the attention of international media such as BBC, CNN, Dutch TV and Swedish National Television.

After 12 years in the industry, Skinflint recently released their seventh album whose first single ‘Birds and milk, Bloody milk’ caused quite a stir due to its unique blend of metal and kwasa kwasa.

Other stand out songs on the self-titled album include the delightfully named: ‘Tokoloshe’ and ‘Eyes in a leopard’s spots’.

In an interview with Voice Entertainment on Tuesday, front man Giuseppe Sbrana says they hope to showcase their distinctive style of African Metal and put Botswana on the metal map in the USA.

He noted that being signed under world wide agency Metal Music Bookings for the past two years has made it possible for the group to get international bookings.

“We have played shows in Southern Africa and enjoyed successful tours in Europe. We’ll embark on our first ever USA tour this February in 2019 and we hope to leave a lasting legacy in America,” said Sbrana, who is the lead guitarist, vocalist and founder of the three-piece Gaborone based band, which also includes his sister Alessandra Sbrana (Drums) and Kebonye Nkoloso (Bass Guitar).

From their EP Inside Scar, they went on to release albums Massive Destruction, Iklwa, Gauna, Dipoko, Nyemba, Chief of the Ghosts and the 2018 smasher Skinflint.

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