Home Court Stories Sisters tied up and raped in front of mum

Sisters tied up and raped in front of mum

Sisters tied up and raped in front of mum

*Two suspects arrested, one still on the loose

*Trio fingered in spate of robberies and rapes in Tlokweng

Police have arrested two men accused of breaking into a house in Tlokweng and tying up two sisters before raping them in front of their mother.

The Zimbabwean duo, 37-year-old Fagasi Ndlovu and Progressive Ndlovu, 32, were apprehended near the Tlokweng boarder mid-morning on Wednesday.

A third suspect, known only as Loyd, managed to escape arrest and is still at large.

The trio are thought to be behind a spate of recent robberies and rapes that have terrorised the Tlokweng area.

Speaking to The Voice, Assistant Police Commissioner, Dipheko Motube said it is believed that the three broke into a house in Masethleng Ward at around 3am on Wednesday morning.

According to Motube, the men allegedly tied up and raped two sisters, aged 23 and 25, with the victims’ helpless mother forced to watch.

The suspects are said to have made off with laptops and bank cards, later withdrawing more than P1, 000 at an ATM.

“They (victims) were left tied so we only received the report later, at around 7 am. We followed their footsteps and used the helicopter to search for them. We arrested two at around 10:30 but the other one managed to escape.”

“They are linked with nine rape and robbery cases that recently happened in Tlokweng,” said Motube, adding the two men were caught with items belonging to the victims.

He further revealed that investigations were at an early stage, with the police yet to contact the victims to identify the suspects. Only then will they register the cases at court.